Cry Me A Riverdale
Cmar season3

Cry Me a Riverdale is a deconstructive look by deconstructive boyshapes Jon Risinger (On the Spot) and Mikey Neumann (Movies with Mikey) that seeks to illuminate new things about the show Riverdale. These two super-sleuths will break it all down, Encyclopedia Brown-style, and unlock the secrets of a show that never should have existed in the first place.

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    Chapter 43: Outbreak

    Chapter 43: We meet Mama Jughead. We like Mama Jughead. Other stuff might have happened this episode. Not sure.

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    Chapter 40: The Great Escape

    Chapter 45: Jughead is gonna be the very best, like no one ever was. And Archie dies of a staph infection. It was truly tragic. Featuring special guest, Anthony Carboni!

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    Chapter 39: The Midnight Club

    Chapter 39: The Riverdale Breakfast Club plays Killer Jumanji while larping on drugs and Alice returns to form as non-culty crazy Alice for at least one episode.

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    Chapter 38: As Above, So Below

    Chapter 39: All the kids play Guys & Gargs with that cool blue drink while Archie goes full Brad Pitt on some prison boys.

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    Chapter 36: Labor Day

    Chapter 36: It's the end of Summer and the boys are back in town. And the girls. And the hot dads.

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    Chapter 35: Brave New World

    Chapter 35: Veronica goes to the mat with Hiram, Archie goes to the mat with Hiram, Betty goes to the mat with Hal, and Riverdale is having a 3 for 1 sale on Mat's at Pop's in the SEASON FINALE!

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    Chapter 34: Judgement Night

    Chapter 34: Riverdale has descended into a full-scale riot, Ronnie realizes this whole "mob thing" is really pretty dangerous, and Betty finds out the true identity of the Black Hood.

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    Chapter 33: Shadow of a Doubt

    Chapter 33: Betty confides in Cheryl and Cheryl drops knowledge on errybody, the Black Hood misses a lot, and Fred deals with his own mortality (again).

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